We are very proud to announce the brilliant accomplishments of Upper Sixth Eltham College student Atharv, who recently demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge in both physics and astrophysics.

Following an outstanding performance in the first round of the British Physics Olympiad, where he secured a Top Gold and ranked among the top 5% of participants, Atharv was also awarded a Gold in the second round.

In addition to this remarkable success in physics, Atharv also participated in the second round of the Astrophysics Olympiad where he achieved another Gold award. These exceptional achievements have earned him a spot in the Astro Olympiad (IOAA) Selection and Training Camp at the University of Oxford. This prestigious opportunity could potentially lead to his selection to represent the UK in international competitions, underscoring his status as one of the top physicists in the country for his year group.

We are immensely proud of Atharv’s achievements and we wish him all the┬ábest in aiming to be selected for the UK team.