The Eltham College Bloodbowl Club (ECBC) had an exciting bank holiday weekend at the world championships in Nottingham. Over the course of two days and six intense matches, our students competed against a majority of adult players, showcasing their strategic acumen and competitive spirit.

Our standout player, George Caldwell (Y11), achieved an impressive 72nd place out of 279 competitors, highlighting the skill and dedication present within our team. This remarkable placement at such a prestigious international event is a testament to George’s skills and the high level of training provided by the ECBC.

Closer to home, the ECBC league is at the playoff stages. The competition remains fierce with Max (Y8), Will (Y8), Elliot (Y8), and Etienne (Y8) competing for the top spot. Each game is closely contested, reflecting the strong strategic thinking and team work developed among our young players.

The ECBC continues to thrive as a pivotal part of our co-curricular activities at Eltham College, offering our students not only the chance to engage in challenging competitive play but also to develop key skills such as team strategy, planning, and sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all our players for their formidable performance in Nottingham and good luck to those competing in the playoffs.