We are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of our Year 6, 7, and 8 students in the recent UK Maths Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge. Our students demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and analytical thinking across the board.

This year, from a total of 279 participants, our students earned 181 certificates: 66 Bronze, 64 Silver, and 51 Gold. Notably, 25 of our students qualified for the Junior Kangaroo, with 2 advancing to the prestigious Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

Special accolades go to our highest scorers: Arhaan in Year 6 who scored 108 points, Mina in Year 7 who achieved 112 points, and Hayden and Maximilian in Year 8, who both scored an impressive 123 points out of a maximum of 135.

The Junior Mathematical Challenge is designed to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in problem-solving among young mathematicians. It involves a 60-minute test comprising 25 multiple-choice questions, aimed at fostering a deep love and aptitude for mathematics.

Certificates are awarded to the top-scoring 50% of participants, categorized into Bronze (57+ points), Silver (70+ points), and Gold (86+ points), reflecting the high standard of excellence achieved by the students. We are incredibly proud of all our participants and congratulations to all for continuing to uphold the tradition of excellence in mathematics at Eltham College!