Sebastian Johns, Director of Music at Eltham College, started his career in education at Uppingham School. After a very happy year of conducting, composing and some teaching, he moved to Epsom College to begin his formal teacher training before becoming Assistant Director of Music there two years later.

From his time singing in Cambridge, Sebastian learnt of the music reputation at Eltham College from former students there. He says:

‘The school has a famous musical pedigree, and I’ve always dreamed of leading a music department of its quality; when I saw that the job was being advertised, it was a no-brainer!’

One of the first projects Sebastian is undertaking as Director of Music is to improve the music technology offering, and to professionally record and film all concerts. He says: ‘It’s a great way for the pupils to analyse their performances and ascertain the next steps but is also such an important way for us to show the outside world quite how strong the music here is. Watch this space!’

To learn more about the Director of Music here at Eltham college watch Mr Johns interview: