Eltham College welcomed former pupil Faizal Khan (OE 1998), Chief Executive of Guysons, premier Machine Shop and Oil and Gas company, and Director of Peel Engineering Ltd to officially open three new school science laboratories today.

The opening of the three new full-equipped laboratories – two in the Senior School and one in the Junior School – has been made possible thanks to investment by Eltham College and also generous contributions from the Parents’ Association and other donors to fund the improvements.

The opening heralds the start of a new partnership between Eltham College and Peel Engineering to enable Eltham College pupils to contribute actively to the redesign of the Peel P50 car – making it effective for modern day use and manufacture. The Peel P50 ‘microcar’ is officially the world’s smallest production car as listed in the Guinness Book of Records. See video here.

Faizal Khan from Peel Engineering was delighted to confirm to Eltham College students that he was able to secure a licencing deal for the historic Peel p50 and its two-seater bubble top sister vehicle, the Peel Trident, to be featured in Microsoft’s Xbox Computer game Forza Motor Sports – see preview video here. 

In the partnership, Eltham students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form will take part in a special engineering and design project for students in Year 11 and the Sixth Form involving CAD (Computer Aided Design) and other design contributions.

Commenting on the opening of the labs and the partnership between Peel Engineering and Eltham College, Faizal Khan commented: “It’s wonderful to revisit the school that inspired my career in science and business management and to open these brilliant new laboratories for the next generation to benefit from. Equally, I’m delighted we can enhance and hopefully inspire the next generation of engineers, designers and business entrepreneurs through a new collaboration with Eltham College.”

Guy Sanderson, Headmaster of Eltham College said: “We are honoured that this brilliant Elthamian has come back not only to open our new science labs at the Senior and Junior Schools but also to give offer our young scientists the opportunity to take part in a real world scientific commercial collaboration. This is an exciting development for our whole school.”

Simon Whittaker, Head of Science at Eltham College, commented: “Science is thriving at Eltham College across the school and our commitment to investing in the future means our science and design technology students can apply their skills, knowledge and insights to an exciting project and in almost real-time.”