Exploring the Science of Cooking at Eltham College

One of the highlights from the events taking place as part of Science Week here at Eltham College was a fascinating presentation on Molecular Gastronomy.  Presented by Head Chef Neil and Tim from Chartwell’s Catering gave Year 8 students an in-depth look into the science of cooking.

Molecular gastronomy is the application of scientific principles to cooking, and it has transformed the culinary world by allowing chefs to create innovative dishes using cutting-edge techniques. During the presentation, students learned about the science behind food preparation and how chemicals, such as salt, sugar, and citric acid, can be used to cure fish, reduce bacterial growth, and make it safe to eat without cooking.

Moreover, students had the opportunity to learn about the kitchen at Eltham College and the importance of food safety. Chef Neil and Tim explained how the use of coloured chopping boards helps to prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen, with blue boards used for raw fish and green boards used for vegetables.

In addition, the presentation included a demonstration of the science behind bubble tea and the reasoning behind why parsley is often served with garlic bread. This allowed the students to gain a deeper understanding of how science and cooking come together to create delicious and safe food.

Overall, this was an engaging and educational event that was enjoyed by all who attended. It was a great addition to Science Week and provided an exciting insight. Thank you Neil and Tim!