A group of Year 11-13 Politics students recently took a four-day trip to Washington D.C., where they explored some of the most famous landmarks in the United States. The trip was packed with informative activities that helped deepen the students’ understanding of American history and politics.

During their visit to the Capitol, the students received a guided tour and learned about the building’s rich history and significance. They were also able to witness the workings of the US government by seeing the chambers where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet.

The National Mall was another highlight of the trip, where the students explored famous monuments and memorials such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. They also visited the National Archives, where they saw the original copies of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, which left a lasting impression on the students.

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was the chance to visit the White House gardens. The group was fortunate to be there during one of only two occasions each year when the public can enter the gardens. They were able to walk next to the Rose Garden and stand beneath the White House balcony.

The students also visited museums such as the National Museum of African American History and the National Portrait Gallery. They even attended an NBA basketball game!

This was an incredible opportunity for the students to gain a deeper understanding of American history and politics while also having fun.