We are very proud to celebrate Arjun Wilkey and Ben Robinson’s computing success, who have earned an esteemed award sponsored by Netcraft in recognition of their outstanding performance in the A Level Computing exam.

Every year Netcraft awards prizes to the UK’s Top 50 AQA Computer Science A-level students, and we are absolutely elated that two of these coveted spots have been secured by our students.

Netcraft, a renowned internet services company specializing in internet data analysis, fraud and phishing prevention, and web application security testing, has partnered with AQA to sponsor these prestigious prizes for this year’s examination.

Arjun and Ben’s accomplishments serve as a shining example of the academic excellence and dedication that we encourage and nurture at Eltham College. Their success is a testament to their hard work, determination, and the exceptional guidance provided by our educators.

Well done to Arjun and Ben for this remarkable achievement!