OE and Bar Vocational Studies graduate Thomas Hood led a session with our prospective undergraduate lawyers. The group run by Mr Cavendish as part of the Scholarship Programme had an opportunity led by Thomas to discuss the concept of Ministerial Responsibility in the UK. Beginning with an examination of the most recent version of the Ministerial Code the students considered how it might be applied in a hypothetical scenario. Thomas gave the students some introductory information and asked them, in their roles as legal advisors to a hypothetical Minister what advice would be given. He then developed the scenario with new details and at each stage the students had to review the advice they would give.

The exercise was greatly enjoyed by the students who were able to reflect on the notion of “soft law” and to appreciate the extent to which extraneous political considerations may affect the process. 

The College is very grateful to Thomas, who has now been delivering sessions such as this for the last three years. This is reflective, not only, of the enormous contribution Old Elthamians make to school life in general, but in particular the Higher Education process, whether as mentors, mock interviewers or leading sessions as Thomas did so skilfully.