Mr Tony Collins delivered a fascinating presentation to the Year 11 Colloquium centred around crypto currencies; beginning with an examination of why we might need them he explored the mechanisms of establishing them, an intriguing mix of block chains, nodes, networks and a world regulated without a single directing mind where self interest computer power and hashed codes hold the key. Recent developments surrounding Central Bank interventions in financial issues and the reluctance of some bit coin purchasers to abandon the idea of some form of “central platform” provided interesting topics for discussion.

There was also a discussion about the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX  and the possible ongoing repercussions of the case. The students asked a range of interesting questions about notions of value, the need for ever expanding computer power and the energy consumption of the process. As with the increasingly cashless world we inhabit, something that to many seemed unthinkable not too long ago, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for crypto currencies and where the period we live in now might be seen with hindsight.