Dr Davies delivered a most entertaining and informative presentation to the Year Nine Athenaeum this week on the subject of the electric guitar, the playing of which has been a lifelong passion. He brought along his guitar ( and amplifier) which enabled the students not only to see how the guitar looked, felt and operated, but more importantly to hear it in action. Whilst playing a series of blues related riffs the students experience the different effects that the use of various pick ups and amp settings were able to generate, from feedback to crisp disco it was all there. However being part of the scholarship programme there was plenty about the evolution of the electric guitar and the science behind its operation.

Furthermore there was a historical theme to the talk as Dr Davies tracked the evolution of the guitar via some of the most legendary proponents of the art such as Jimi Hendrix. As well as the band Dr Davies plays in outside school a few of the students remembered the charity performance last summer of the History Department band also featuring Mr Cavendish amongst others! The session was greatly enjoyed by all.