Last week, two teams from Eltham College showcased their exceptional talent at the regional heat of the National Teams competition hosted at Dunottar School. It was an event filled with strategic moves and intense gameplay.

Our Senior Team, consisting of James, Roxolana, Florian, Cyrus, Theo, and Gaurav, demonstrated their incredible resilience in classical (slow) chess, where each player had over an hour of thinking time. The competition lasted a challenging 3 hours, testing their concentration and resilience. Despite a tough match against Whitgift that ended in a tie after the lengthy session, our team secured victory based on a higher seed, securing their spot in the Regional Finals.

Meanwhile, our Lower School squad, featuring Gaurav, Sasha, Louka, and David, engaged in rapid chess, with 10 minutes each on the clock. Their quick thinking and strategic manoeuvres led to an impressive 3 out of 4 wins. Remarkably, the team finished 2nd out of 12 competing teams, setting the stage for a thrilling journey ahead. Their qualification for the National finals awaits pending results from other heats.

Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding performance and sportsmanship. We’re incredibly proud of their achievements.