We are delighted to announce that Eltham College participated in the UK Maths Trust Intermediate Mathematical Challenge where our students demonstrated their incredible problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.

The Intermediate Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute challenge with 25 multiple-choice questions that encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency to make students think.

The UK Maths Trust awards certificates to the top-scoring 50% of participants to recognise the highest performers in the Challenge. These certificates are categorised into Bronze (47+ points), Silver (61+ points), and Gold (77+ points) in the ratio 3:2:1.

We are very proud to celebrate the achievements of our students, with a notable 34 students achieving gold certificates and entrance to the follow-on Kangaroo rounds. Special mention goes to Roxolana (Y10) for her outstanding performance, securing a remarkable 117 points, earning her a Gold certificate and a place in the Hamilton Mathematical Olympiad. Seb (Y11) closely followed with an impressive 104 points, also earning a Gold certificate. Additionally, Xintian (Y9) demonstrated exceptional analytical thinking, scoring 95 points and securing a Gold certificate, while Nirvana in Y8 achieved Gold with 79 points.

These outstanding achievements exemplify the dedication and talent of our students and also reflects our commitment to excellence in maths. Well done.