This week, we proudly commemorated International Women’s Day with a week-long series of empowering talks, highlighting the achievements and experiences of remarkable women across various fields. Each day brought insightful discussions and inspiring stories from several Old Elthamians, enriching our students’ understanding of gender equality, female empowerment, and career opportunities.

Students and staff enjoyed talks from women like Danielle Hartley, who shared fascinating stories of her journey as a musician and inspired our students to pursue their passions fearlessly; and Lauren Eastwood Hancox, who delivered a compelling talk, shedding light on the challenges women face in the workplace and strategies to overcome them. Mfon Umoren and Annabelle Ashley-Cheek visited the school and shared their experiences studying Economics at university, discussing the diverse opportunities available to graduates, while Kathryn Monks delivered a passionate talk about choosing subjects in which you have a genuine interest, pointing out that very few career pathways require a specific degree discipline.

To conclude our celebrations, Charlotte Watts discussed with our students the growing opportunities for women in sports. Her talk underscored the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, inspiring students to explore and excel in athletic endeavours.

The week’s events exemplified Eltham College’s commitment to fostering gender equality and empowering future generations of women leaders. As we reflect on the contributions of women past and present, we reaffirm our dedication to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.