We’re proud to announce that two Eltham College students participated in the Oxford Schools Debating National Finals Day on Saturday 9 March. Miles and Tristan represented our school with distinction, showcasing their exceptional debating skills amidst tough competition from prestigious schools nationally and internationally.

While they didn’t progress to the open semi-finals and grand final on the day, both Miles and Tristan delivered impressive speeches on four thought-provoking topics. The four short-prep motions they debated on were:

  • This house, as the environment movement, would dissociate themselves with the degrowth movement.
  • This house believes that parents should not teach children about their own conceptions of the afterlife.
  • This house regrets the glorification of the career longevity of dominant sportspersons (e.g. Lebron James, Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo).
  • This house believes that works of modern fictional media should not portray members of an oppressed minority group (such as LGBTQ+ or minority ethnicity groups) as villains.

Despite the challenging nature of the debates, our students demonstrated remarkable eloquence, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of the topics at hand. Their participation in such prestigious events not only reflects their dedication to academic excellence but also highlights the quality of education and intellectual stimulation offered at Eltham College.