This week, the school has been buzzing with excitement as we have been celebrating Science Week with a diverse array of activities and initiatives. From hands-on experiments to fun challenges, our students have experienced science like never before.

The week kicked off with a Spaghetti Tower competition, where students showcased their engineering skills by constructing towers using only spaghetti and marshmallows. This was followed by a fascinating talk and workshop with Zoolab talk, where our students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with various fascinating creatures, like a gecko, a giant African land snail called Turbo and even a snake.

The Engineering Showcase allowed our budding engineers to exhibit their innovative creations, while the University Challenge put our students’ knowledge to the test in a friendly yet competitive environment. Meanwhile, the Egg Drop Competition saw the school’s four houses competed to design the best way to protect eggs from gravity’s grasp.

We also had student Tom wowing us all by memorising an impressive 200 digits of Pi during the Pi Reciting challenge. Additionally, our Design and Technology Showcase provided a platform for students to display their creative projects, highlighting the intersection of science and art.

A highlight of the week was the Peake Lecture by Jo Merchant, where students explored the fascinating concept of “Mind over Body” and its implications in various aspects of life. The charity Pi(e) Eating Competition added a delicious (and fun) twist to the celebration, as students indulged in some pie while celebrating the mathematical constant Pi.

The Science Challenge and Sports Science Showcase rounded off the week with thrilling activities that encouraged curiosity and exploration like the watt bike.

Science Week has been a resounding success, fostering a love for science and inspiring the next generation of innovators and thinkers. We look forward to many more exciting scientific adventures in the future!