The Gerald Moore Gallery at Eltham College is proud to present “Press-gang,” an intriguing solo exhibition showcasing the recent works of our current Artist-in-Residence, Luke Burton. The exhibition will run until 18 May 2024.

“Press-gang” assembles a compelling mix of paintings, collages, vitreous enamels, and sculptures that delve into the themes of play, pressure, anger, and release. These works further expand Burton’s exploration of the decorative as a crucial mediator between political and aesthetic realms.

Throughout his residency, Burton has reflected on the unique conditions of working within an educational environment and the peculiarities of being an ‘in-resident’ artist who commutes from Westminster to the college. This unusual commute has spurred contemplation about accessibility to the city, as well as broader issues of housing and work security.

The exhibition’s title, “Press-gang,” plays on multiple meanings—referencing historical naval conscription methods, the modern media, and even a literal flower press included in the show, which doubles as a tool and artwork. This wordplay extends to a recurring motif of crosswords within the exhibition, symbolizing the intricate relationship between language and art.

Highlighting elements of both historical and contemporary significance, the show includes a strikingly large painting of a lanyard, humorously critiquing its modern-day symbolic value in workplace culture, while recalling its historical use in military and naval applications.

“Press-gang” invites viewers to a rich dialogue about play: its linguistic twists, its role in education, and its political implications—often underestimated in societal discourse.

We invite you to visit the Gerald Moore Gallery every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment to experience this compelling exhibition that intertwines cultural, historical, and educational narratives in a visually engaging presentation.

You can read about the exhibition on TimeOut and the Gerald Moore Gallery.