This Thursday, our Year 6 pupils stepped into the world of engineering with our very own F1inSchools day. The day kicked off with an introduction to the project, setting the stage for a day filled with creativity and competition.

Divided by House groups within each form, our pupils started planning and designing. Their challenge was to build not just one, but at least two race cars per group. The Art room was transformed into a workshop area, equipped with enough resources to bring their very creative designs to life.

After a busy building session, pupils had the opportunity to test their cars on the race track, making adjustments and tweaks in preparation for the main event—“Mr Oliver’s Drag Race.” This wasn’t just a race for speed; an aesthetics competition also took place, judging the cars on their design and visual appeal.

The day concluded with races that pitted car against car, as each House group cheered on their cars in hopes of winning the competition. We look forward to more events like this one that challenge and inspire our pupils in such dynamic ways.