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Like many who enjoyed bursaries (or Direct Grants/Assisted Places) here in the past, we want future generations to be able to benefit from the same opportunities. The benefits of bursary awards extend beyond those who receive them; they enrich the whole College by enhancing its intellectual and social diversity.

Our vision is to establish a bursary endowment fund which will continue to grow and provide bursary places in perpetuity.
This is an ambitious objective for the College, and it will not be possible without your help.

By including a gift to the College in your Will, you help shape the future of Eltham College. Your legacy will help us become fully inclusive, working towards equity in education through the provision of 100–110% bursaries. Basics such as school uniform, sports kits, musical instruments, educational trips and even school lunches can still be barriers for students attending the College – even when their fees are covered. We want to completely remove this burden from families and ensure bursary students have the same opportunities as their peers.

  • 19 Students receiving 100%+ bursary support (2023)
  • £2.3m dedicated fee assistance (up from £2m in 2021)

A gift to Eltham College in your Will is an investment in future Elthamians. Simply tell your Solicitor or Will-maker that you would like to remember Eltham College (Registered Charity Number: 1058438) in your Will.

Did you know?

You can leave even 1% of your estate to Eltham College, so that those closest to you still get 99%?

Get in Touch

You are under no obligation to tell us that you have remembered the school in your Will, however, should you choose to do so, we would love to keep you updated on current bursary progress during your lifetime. You can inform us discreetly by completing this form, or for more information, please do contact Saoirse or Russell at Eltham College on 020 8619 1729 or [email protected] or [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Saoirse O'Donovan
Elthamians Department
Russell Joyce
Elthamians Department

Legacy Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my loved ones are looked after?

We fully understand that your family and loved ones come first in your Will. You can leave even 1% of your estate to Eltham College so that those closest to you still get 99%. Did you know that if you leave 10% of your estate to charity, inheritance tax due is reduced from 40% to 36%?

Why should I remember Eltham College in my Will?

For many, leaving a gift in their Will is their way of showing support to the College. An Eltham education helped change the trajectory of many OEs lives, especially those who benefited from the Direct Grants/Assisted Places schemes between 1945 and 1997. Their very presence at Eltham College also helped make it a diverse and more interesting place to learn. A gift in your Will ensures today’s pupils benefit from those same opportunities whilst enriching the school’s intellectual and social diversity. A gift to Eltham College in your Will is an investment in future Elthamians and an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.