Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Developing an understanding of personal core values, and an awareness of diversity and equality in all its forms. 

Understanding Relationships and Dealing with Bullying Diversity, Human Rights and Equality Celebrating Diversity – exploring attitudes around racism, sexism and homophobia and actively promoting equality and challenging prejudice
Equality, Gender and Diversity Celebrating Diversity – challenging homophobic and sexist attitudes and promoting equality
Understanding Extremism – explore the factors which contribute to extremist ideologies and behaviours
Cultural Awareness – understand the reality of institutional racism, the impact of prejudice, and how to be proactive in challenging racism

Eltham College

School News

On Monday, 20th May, our school community gathered for the final Very Informal Strings Concert of the year, an event that showcased the talent of our pupils.
Despite children already knowing a lot about living life online, our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils took part in separate e-safety workshops, taking the conversation one step further.
This week, our Year 6 pupils embarked on what we believe was an unforgettable residential trip to France.
Congratulation to Daniel (U6th), Charlie (L6th), Lotte (L6th), Christian (Year 11), Constantine (Year 11), Stanley (Year 11), Alexia (Year 10) and Max (Year 10) who have all been offered places on National Youth Theatre (NYT) courses.
Those working to decrypt codes have always been interested in frequency analysis “ the study of the frequency of letters or groups of letters in a ciphertext.