English Literature

English Literature

A Level

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” – Joan Didion

We truly believe that those who enjoy stories will enjoy English Literature. This course has been designed to encourage wide reading and detailed research within the field of literary studies. It offers a programme that will be rewarding and enjoyable in its own right, and forms a basis for further specialist work at degree level.

The principal aim of our two-year English Literature course rests in our students exploring different literary styles from different cultural periods and emerging as confident, subtle analysts. The core focus therefore consists of twelve texts ranging from Chaucer through Shakespeare to the modern age.

The greatest proportion of the two years involves seminar-style discussion centred on the set texts, related works, critical technique and the chronology of literature through the last six centuries. Students are taught by two members of staff who divide up the syllabus content according to their areas of expertise and fields of research. All lessons at Eltham College are student-centred in format, with ‘pair’ and ‘group’ work employed strategically to enhance formal discussion sessions and as the basis for essay preparation.

Sixth Form

Latest News

Eltham College students buck national trend with stronger A level results than 2019 We’re pleased to announce that students at Eltham College have attained excellent A-level results 2023 that are, in most cases, higher than those achieved in 2019 – the year to which the government has said that they want to return A-level grades.
Eltham College are delighted to announce that our Phonetic Name Pronunciation initiative ‘Every Name Matters’ has won the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Award at the prestigious annual AMCIS Impact awards hosted by AMCIS (Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools) at their annual conference on the evening of Monday 15th May.
Eltham College held our internal heats for the Art-inspired public speaking competition, ‘ARTiculation’.
Well done to Thabi who recently trialled for the England U19s volleyball team.
Eltham College was extremely grateful to Tom Ilube CBE for speaking to both staff and pupils about his eclectic career and how he has benefitted from the resilience he developed by trying new things and failing fast.