Bright Prospects

Bright Prospects

Beyond Eltham

Throughout the four-decade legacy of Eltham College, our students have graduated, carrying with them the torch of knowledge, skills, and values that continue to illuminate their paths ahead.

Reflecting upon their transformative experiences, a diverse bright prospects of our Bright Prospects reflects on their invaluable takeaways from their time at Eltham College. These individuals, shaped by the nurturing environment and rich educational tapestry, offer insights into the profound impact the school has had on their personal and academic growth. Each story echoes the school’s ethos, emphasizing the myriad ways Eltham College fosters intellectual curiosity, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

These testimonials from our Bright Prospects not only shed light on the breadth and depth of their experiences but also serve as an inspiring testament to the versatility of the education imparted at Eltham College. As they embark on their unique journeys, our alumni embody the essence of Eltham College’s holistic education, demonstrating its enduring influence as they embrace diverse career paths, higher education pursuits, and personal aspirations.

Their narratives offer a glimpse into the lasting impact of an Eltham College education and stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence, empowerment, and ambition that define our educational ethos.


Millie studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths alongside her role as Head Girl at Eltham College. She left to study Medicine at Bristol University. Millie reflected on how joining Eltham College from a local grammar school exposed her to a number of new opportunities and experiences. Having never played hockey, she became a goalkeeper for the school team and took part in two school musicals, including performing a solo in Oliver! Millie commented that, “Eltham College gives you the opportunity to not only excel in your subjects but also develop yourself as a person through the wide variety of activities.” Millie’s most memorable moment was taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for the Buikwe Water Project in Uganda, a charity that Eltham College supports. “It’s difficult to describe the exhilaration I felt at the top of each mountain and the sense of accomplishment. I learnt that I had more determination than I thought.”


When Abilasha joined Eltham College from a local college, she was struck by the many exciting activities available and the level of support from staff. She commented, “It was the best decision I’ve ever made – coming to Eltham.”

Notable highlights during Abilasha’s time at Eltham College included the Geology trip to Dorset, participating in numerous House competitions, including music and badminton, as well taking part in community service activities at a special needs school. Abilasha studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths and left to study Biomedical Science at St George’s, University of London, after which she plans to study medicine and to pursue a career as a cardiologist.


Ellie, who joined Eltham College Sixth Form from an all-girls’ school, described her time at Eltham College as “the best two years of my life” and praised “the level of support and care that the staff at Eltham College have for the students.” From giving a talk at Eltham’s Speak EC, to playing netball and undertaking a life-changing trip to Uganda to help on a water project, Ellie speaks of being given opportunities to face some of her most significant challenges, while creating lifelong memories. Having studied English, Economics and Maths at A level, Ellie went on to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of York.


Emily came to Eltham College from a single sex school and fully immersed herself in the musical opportunities on offer. During her time at Eltham College, Emily performed with the symphony orchestra and two choirs as well as competing in House Singing and House Music competitions. A highlight for Emily was playing the harp cadenza from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker alongside a professional orchestra. Ellie was enthusiastic about “…the wealth of opportunities available”, “the passion from the staff” and the support of the music community in the school. Emily left Eltham College to study Music at the University of Durham with longer term plans to pursue a career as a Professor of Music. As she was about to leave, Ellie reflected that she would “miss being part of such a supportive and caring community…”


From the moment she arrived at Eltham College, Milly got involved in a wide range of school drama productions, most notably the lead role of Nancy in 2017’s Oliver! She also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was a key member of Eltham College’s netball and girls’ rugby teams. Milly left to study Business at Exeter University, with the intention of one day setting up her own business. “Eltham College has encouraged me to thrive as a person, and I feel more confident than I did in my previous school. The Drama Department, in particular, has felt like a little family and is always really supportive of me. I will never forget the opportunities I have been offered during my time at Eltham.”


Alexandra joined the Sixth Form from a single sex independent school and studied Art, Maths and Religious Studies. Her favourite subject at Eltham College was Art as it allowed her to express her creativity. She went on to pursue her creative interests as a student of Liberal Arts at the University of Toronto.




Hannah came to Eltham College from a single-sex independent school and was immediately encouraged to join the choir. Playing the lead role in the musical was a big highlight and Hannah spoke of how “It gave me the opportunity to get to know some of the younger years and… really helped me to discover more about who I am as a person…”. In addition to her involvement in school plays and two school choirs, Hannah has been a member of the College’s netball club and of School Council as well as one of Eltham College’s two Head Prefects. Hannah leaves Eltham College with an offer to study Classics at the Cambridge University, building on a love of Latin which was nurtured in Eltham College’s Classics department. When asked what she would most miss, Hannah commented on “…the community feeling at the school”.

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Latest News

Eltham College students buck national trend with stronger A level results than 2019 We’re pleased to announce that students at Eltham College have attained excellent A-level results 2023 that are, in most cases, higher than those achieved in 2019 – the year to which the government has said that they want to return A-level grades.
Eltham College are delighted to announce that our Phonetic Name Pronunciation initiative ‘Every Name Matters’ has won the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Award at the prestigious annual AMCIS Impact awards hosted by AMCIS (Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools) at their annual conference on the evening of Monday 15th May.
Eltham College held our internal heats for the Art-inspired public speaking competition, ‘ARTiculation’.
Well done to Thabi who recently trialled for the England U19s volleyball team.
Eltham College was extremely grateful to Tom Ilube CBE for speaking to both staff and pupils about his eclectic career and how he has benefitted from the resilience he developed by trying new things and failing fast.