Year 3

Year 3

Junior School Curriculum

The Year 3 curriculum includes subjects such as English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Art, Music, PE and PSHE.

These subjects aim to provide a broad education, develop knowledge and skills, and help students progress. English lessons focus on reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. Mathematics covers basic concepts. Science covers plants, animals, materials, and earth and space. History and geography focus on local and ancient history. Art and music lessons explore different styles and encourage creation. PE improves physical skills and promotes healthy lifestyles. PSHE covers relationships, health, and well-being and aims to develop personal and emotional skills.

Curriculum Guide - Year 3


Latest News

Eltham College Junior School St Cecilia Concert Our Junior School talented pupils, starting from Grade 5 and above, recently took centre stage at the St Cecilia concert to commemorate the patron saint of musicians.
We are absolutely thrilled to shine a spotlight on the remarkable creative talent of one of our gifted Year 6 students, Anikaa.
We are delighted to announce the successful reinstallation of ‘The Garden of Hope’ in the Guy Hughes Library at Eltham College Junior School.
Eltham College Junior School proudly opened its doors to prospective students and their families on Saturday, September 16th, for a day filled with excitement, exploration, and engagement.
We are thrilled to announce that our school’s award winning Every Name Matters initiative has gained press coverage in TES.