JS Sports and Co-Curricular

The Junior School runs a varied Sport and Physical Education programme with opportunities for pupils to learn and excel in both our curricular and extensive co-curricular activities.

Our programme balances mass participation alongside excellence with pupils being given opportunities to lead, to practice, to persevere when things are tough and to celebrate success.

The Junior School has an extensive fixture programme against many local schools.

In the Michaelmas Term the boys and girls are split for Games with the boys playing rugby and the girls playing netball. There are though after school co-curricular clubs in both sports which both boys and girls are welcome to attend.

In the Lent Term all pupils play football with fixtures organised for both mixed and single sex teams often depending on the opposition we are playing.

Hockey fixtures are also played in this term predominantly by our Year 5 & 6 pupils, with both mixed teams and single sex teams.
In the Summer Term all pupils play cricket with fixtures for both mixed and single sex teams.

Pupils also have the opportunity within their PE programme to Swim and play tennis with galas and local tournaments entered in both.
In addition to this pupils, through our co-curricular programme, pupils may participate in Fencing, Judo, Table Tennis, Skiing, Cross Country, Judo and Rounders.

Mark O’Dwyer (Assistant Director of Sport – Junior School lead)






Core Sport

(Michaelmas Term)
(Lent Term)
(Summer Term)


(Michaelmas Term)
(Lent Term)
(Summer Term)

*Swimming and hockey are included as core sports in the Junior School but delivered during their triple period PE lessons in the morning. All pupils will receive 12 weeks of hockey and swimming per year in PE plus a co-curricular club throughout all three terms.

Co-curricular Sport

Hockey Swimming Rugby
Rugby 7s Netball Cricket
Judo Fencing Skiing
Tennis Football Rounders

Eltham College

School News

Today we welcomed PeBe at our school to talk to and fit our girls for sports bras.
At Eltham College, we take immense pride in fostering a cricketing culture that not only hones the skills of our young athletes but also provides them with exposure to global coaching excellence.
Eltham College Junior School St Cecilia Concert Our Junior School talented pupils, starting from Grade 5 and above, recently took centre stage at the St Cecilia concert to commemorate the patron saint of musicians.
In a second lecture on manipulating genomes, biology teacher Dr Henry Nicholls introduced the Year 11 Colloquium students to the idea of gene editing using the exciting new CRISPR-Cas9 system.