Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies


At Eltham College, our commitment to a well-rounded education extends far beyond Sport, Music, and the Arts. Our diverse array of co-curricular activities allow every student the opportunity to find their niche and contributes meaningfully to our vibrant community.

The spectrum of clubs and societies offered spans lunchtime and extends into before and after-school sessions, strategically designed to cultivate students’ interests beyond the confines of their academic pursuits. These activities serve as a gateway for students to explore various facets of the world around them, fostering a culture of curiosity, engagement, and personal growth.

Our approach aims to provide an inclusive platform where students can delve into a multitude of interests and passions, fostering an environment where diversity of thought and exploration is celebrated. Whether it’s academic, cultural, or hobby-centric, these clubs and societies encourage students to embrace their curiosity, develop new skills, and forge lasting friendships.

By providing such a diverse array of opportunities, Eltham College aims to empower students to actively participate in shaping their educational journey, fostering an environment where their varied interests and talents are not just acknowledged but also nurtured to flourish.

Board Games Club French Society Medical Society
Charity Committee Futsal Meteorology Society
Christianity Explored (ECCE) Geography Society Model United Nations
Classics Club GreenPower Modern Foreign Languages Film Club
Coding Club Hans Woyda Competition PolyEcon Society
Creative Writing Club History Society Reading Groups
Debating Lego Club Science Society
DT Club LGBTQ+ Alliance Table-Top Gaming Club
ECO Eltham Linguistics Olympiad UKMT Maths Team Challenges
Eltham Magazine Journalists Mathematics Society
FemSoc Maths Masters


School News

The latest leg of the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition concluded on Wednesday with an impressive showcase of mathematical skills at St Dunstan’s College.
Last evening marked a significant milestone for the Eltham College Hans Woyda Team as they took the stage for their eagerly anticipated second league match of the academic year.
For our first ‘Meet The Teacher’ interview this academic year, we are diving into the world of mathematics to introduce André Astbury-Palmer, our new Maths Teacher at Eltham College.
Our Head of Junior School at Eltham College, Vikki Meier, shares her insights on the important decision of choosing the right school for your child.
On Sunday, our Chess team travelled to Eton to participate in the National Schools Rapid Play competition.